Tutorial: Child's Dress-Up Wardrobe For $60

Around Christmas, (by the way, can anyone else believe it's February!!) I shared a post about our Very Merry Homemade/Thrifted Christmas.
In it, I showed a dress-up wardrobe that I made for Rhett. 

And today I FINALLY get to share the tutorial for how to make one your kiddos!
The full tutorial is being featured this week over at The Ivy Cottage. 
{ Click HERE to view it. }
Here's a preview of what you'll find over at The Ivy Cottage!
To make your own dress-up wardrobe you will need the following items.* All prices are before tax and each item is linked to a store to find it at *
(1) 2 feet x 4 feet sheet of plywood
(2) 22 3/4 in x 4 feet sheets of plywood
(2) 22 1/4 in x 22 3/4 in squares of plywood

One large sheet of plywood*, such as those sold at Home Depot or Lowes, will allow all of the cuts and pieces. They will also cut the wood to size for you. Just ask. :)
Wood glue$2.97
A nail gun or 1 1/2 in flat head nails$2.98
120 grit sand paper$3.97
Picture hanging wire$3.48
(2) eye hook screws$ .67 each
(2) shower pole sockets$1.84
(1) 24in long 2in thick piece of PVC pipe cut to 22 inches (Home Depot will also cut this for you.)$3.36
Command Metal and Plastic hooks (optional)$6.97
(2) storage containers (optional)(I got mine from the Dollar Store)
Paint/stain(I used 1 8oz can of Minwax Stain in Gunstock for $4.98 and 2 Behr sample sizes of paint in Cranberry Whip for $3 each)
Minwax Wipe on Poly$9.96
2ft x 4ft of fabric(I used a JoAnn's coupon and got my fabric for $5)
( *The plywood sheets come in different thickness and qualities. I purchased a 3/4 inch thick sheet priced at $15/sheet. The more expensive the plywood sheet, the better the quality of wood. Looking back I might have spent a little more for better quality of plywood for ease in refinishing it, but the final product with the $15 plywood was fine.)
Click HERE for the rest!!
And thanks to Amanda for featuring it!