Shop: Leaping Lotus

Leaping Lotus on South Cedros Avenue in Solano Beach, California is a two-story, 21,000 square foot treasure hunt featuring more than 120 merchants.
Antiques and collectibles share space with vintage reproductions, whimsical, imported tchotchkes, original art work, and thousands of things you didn't know you needed -until now.
It's the kind of place you walk into while the sun is shining, and leave as it's getting dark.  Bottom line: it's a fun place for lookie-lous and serious shoppers alike.

Hi, Doll!
 Wouldn't this silverware chandelier look cute in a kitchen -or hung outdoors over a picnic table? Love it!What home is complete without a blue velvet statue of the Virgin Mary? They were also available in pink! Colorful coasters.
 Tweet this: great bird prints on a budget!
I almost had to buy these cute bowls! Perfect for ice cream!
I tried to capture this amazing installation, but the pictures don't do it justice.Hundreds (thousands?) of glittering, bejeweled butterflies were suspended on long, clear lines from a vaulted ceiling. Completely dreamy.