Rustic Orange Dresser

I've been working on this dresser for a client for about a month. 
That's way longer than I normally take to finish a piece, but the first redo didn't go quite the way we planned so the redo ended up being redone. 
Here's the before.

The redo.

And the redo, redone. 

So much better!
The major problem I ran into was finding the right orange paint. 
The original color was Masada by Benjamin Moore, a very rustic orange. 
The problem with it was that since the paint already had a lot of brown in it, the dark wax and stain I used over the distressing just made it look dirty. 
So we chose a new orange, Marquis Orange, by Sherwin Williams.
At first I was concerned that it would be a little to bright, but once the stain and dark wax were put on it darkened it enough to give it the rustic look we wanted. 
Third times a charm right? :)
PS The stuffed animals used to stage the dresser where donated by Rhett. Meet Bruce the moose, Bear the bear and Tornado the horse.  They are beloved toys around our home. :)