Ide Byungsae - Unicorn Trader And Spy

The second player character for our Legend of the Five Rings chronicle is my own, Ide Byungsae. Byungsae's father was an ambassador and trader who spent several years in the Mantis fiefs. His role was to act as an independent magistrate for the Emperor. Young Byungsae grew up amongst the Mantis and, when it was determined that his father return to the Unicorn provinces, Byungsae refused. A complicated scandal was averted by betrothing Byungsae to a Yoritomo girl, and leaving him behind.

Byungsae grew up in his wife's family and learned the Mantis disciplines of stealth and commerce, and how by trading, much valuable intelligence could be acquired. Eventually, however, his father's death has prompted his return to the Unicorn to take over his responsibilities as his father's only child. However, he has found it difficult to integrate with the Ide, and is estranged from his mother. He finds the Unicorn boorish and narrow-minded and misses the sea and the open water. Bushido is, for him, a convenience to facilitate his further enrichment, and its shackles rankle him.

Byungsae has left his wife, Yoritomo Kyoko, back in the Mantis fief, but corresponds with her regularly. Strife with the Ide means he is reluctant to expose her to the shameful habits of his kin.

Byungsae is a young (28), cultivated and well-dressed man. He often wears some items of green or gold with his Unicorn attire, in recognition of his Mantis sympathies, but it is always very subtle. He enjoys gossiping and learning what is really going on, as well as making money (and spending it). He is refined and cultivated in his mannerisms, but his bad reputation with his clan hampers him in his dealings with those who know of him. He is, however, careful not to put a foot wrong, having learned that a rebellious nature can cost him. His highest ambition is to return to his Mantis household and concentrate on making a fortune in the shipping world.

Awareness 3, Reflexes 3 (Air 3), Willpower 3, Stamina 2, Intelligence 2, Agility 2, Perception 3, Strength 2, Void 2

Disadvantages: Black Sheep (3), Failure of Bushido - Compassion (3), Gaijin Name (2), Insensitive (2)

Advantages: Crafty (3), Different School (5), Silent (3), Wary (3)

School - Yoritomo Courtiers (Duty Before Honour); Honour 2.5

Skills - Commerce (Appraisal) 1, Courtier 2 (Gossip), Defence 2, Etiquette 3, Intimidation (Control) 2, Sincerity (Deceit) 3, Lore (Mantis Clan) 1, Kenjutsu 2, Tea Ceremony 1, Forgery 2, Sleight of Hand 2, Stealth (Sneaking) 2, Investigation 1, Meditation 1

Kit - extravagant clothing, wakizashi, calligraphy set, travelling pack, 10 koku