I Promise We're Not Rednecks.

If you walk past our house, 9 times out of 10 we'll have a half finished piece of furniture on our front porch.
I feel bad for our neighbors. I try to be a responsible DIY'er and not sand too early or too late in the day.I try not to paint when kids are getting out of school, so I don't overwhelm them with paint fumes as they walk home. 
(And mom's you can stop giving me dirty looks if I'm painting...I don't know of a more well ventilated place to paint.)
But this is what happens when you don't have a garage. 

There is saw dust over everything.

And maybe I accidentally painted our fence.(Graffiti isn't one of my talents.)

 When you come to visit, don't trip on one of several power tools littering the porch.

And did you know, stroller cup holders also double as storage for furniture hardware?

At least our neighborhood doesn't have a homeowner's association.I'm not sure if they would like us.
But I promise we're not rednecks.