Holy Freaking Cockroach

Last night I was digging around in the garage looking for some vintage hardware I bought a few months ago, but that is currently eluding being found. 
Jake was with me doing the heavy lifting and I asked him to hand me a wooden box that usually holds random odds and ends. 
So I opened it and what nasty thing crawled out?! 
Hello cockroach!!!
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH!!!!! 
The rest went like this-
Me (The screecher): "EEEEE!!!! Ohmycrapohmycrapohmycrap!!!!!!!, Hellllp, hellllllllp! Jaaaaaake!!!!
Jake (Mr. Calm and Collected): "Gross"
The screecher: "Where is it, where is it, save me, whrsit!!!!!!" (I was slurring at this point)
Mr. Calm and Collected: It's by your foot. 
The screecher: "AHHHHHHit'sonme, hollygeeze EEEEEEEE!!!! 
The screecher starts taking her pants off because she is certain that the creature has crawled up them.
Mr Calm and Collected: "Honey, pants stay on. It's a rule"
The screecher: Realizes the garage door is open and that the family across the street probably doesn't appreciate seeing her underpants. She runs away. 
Moral(s) of the story-
1. Cockroaches are nasty2. Even in an emergency, pants need to stay on. 
Now who wants to come find the little booger and bring it to justice for scaring the crap out of me?
No takers? Yeah, I wouldn't volunteer either. 
PS I didn't include a picture of a cockroach because I didn't want to traumatize you with having to see one.(You can thank me by linking your donated pieces to Habitat Heros Link Party :))