Dining Rooms A Place To Gather

Hello friends, how many of us long for family time and a place to gather as a family unit? No matter how many people are at the table or how simple the meal, you'll want to create an inviting dining room. Choosing furniture that suits your family and arranging it in a way that works for you is the key to a pleasant dining experience. What I'm trying to say is your furniture should be arranged for comfort and ease of movement, allowing enough space at the table for each person and to serve family and guest elegantly and with gracefully. 

Sitting at the tableSitting at the dining table can be a good experience or one that is dreadful. Have you ever set at a dining table and your leg hits the leg of the table or it feels as though the dining table is sitting on your lap? Well that is called an arrangement that doesn’t suits your family and guest. Friends when I go out shopping with my clients for dining tables and chairs I always advise them to sit in the chairs and pull them all the way up to the table to make sure they fit under the table comfortably. Every now and then I like to brag about how much I know about a good shopping experience and this is one of those times but anyhow I want you to have a comfortable time when you’re gathering at the table with your family without the worry of hitting knees against the table. So here is where my experience of working for a furniture company comes into play. I know how important it is to have fun and comfortable gatherings with family and friends that is why when you shop for dining makes sure to have your measuring tape and be ready to test out the seats and table heights.Dining table and Chairs:A rectangular table is traditional, but a round one puts everyone on equal footing. For a dual purpose room think about two square tables one for family meals and one for work and then you can join the two together for entertaining.  Friends I don’t know about you but comfortable chairs are a must no matter what your serving weather it’s a quick bite or huge course dinner. So without further ado let’s check out some pretty cool and beautiful dining rooms.
This is a e-deign dining room I put together. Have you ever thought about a tufted bench at the dining table? This can be very comfortable with all the cushion seating around this dining table.How about the soft seating here? Beautiful!I love the pink chairs at the end of the tables aren't they amazing and the chandelier I'm just crazy over.  Now who of us don't love traditional and era in a dining room? I'm sure everyone can fit at this table. This is the White House the State Dining Room in 2006, looking northwest into the Butler's Pantry (Spificwoman13) source here
I love this round table and the chandelier is spectacular what a comfy looking dinner tableBeautiful!Large dining Area and beautiful space planing. I think the whole family can sit in this dining room.

This is an big space that gives your family lots of room to walk. 

Friends I hope you and your family find these dining rooms inspiring and it gives you some cool ideas to use in your dining room. As you can see most of these dining rooms were comfy seating and round and rectangular tables to gather but there were so much more we didn’t touch on like the lighting and the placement of the furniture these things make a huge difference in a gracious experience for family and guest. Friends if you are looking for more dining room experiences check out the diningroom gallery here
What do you think? Let me know in your comment below! Shinay Key xoxo