Chair Week Day 1: Ikat French Arm Chair

Welcome to day one of of Chair Week here at 551 EAST! 
For those of you are just joining the party,  I took on a massive reupholstering project of reupholstering 4 chairs in 5 weeks.
And the chairs are DONE; so this week I am going to be revealing a chair a day with tons of tutorials, tips and advice.
(Side note: Most of the tutorials I'll be sharing are from other amazing blogs and websites that I followed and found the be the best out there. Because of the tight time frame (and self-induced stress) I was under, I didn't feel like I could give you amazing tutorials and amazing chairs. :))
So are you ready for the first reveal?!
Here's the before:

Faded, dated, and musty.
And here's the after!

Gray, white and yellow Ikat fabric.
Perfection. :)
This chair had great bones.
The wood frame was solid, in great condition, and just needed a little refinishing with my beloved Watco Danish Oil (see more HERE and HERE).
The existing batting was mostly in great shape and just needed a little help. 
I found the fabric at Joann's even before I found the chair and L.O.V.E.D it. 
So when scored the chair from Craigslist, I headed to Joann's with my trusty coupon, brought the fabric home and started taking this baby apart. 
The best tutorials I found for French chairs with similar frames to this Ikat chair came from Little Green Notebook.
For those tutorials click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.
Like what you saw today?
Make sure to come back all week!
Also, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer them. :)

This chair has already SOLD.