Casse Crepe Breton (Quebec City)

Imagine a spring day in Quebec where it is still raining. And it feels almost like winter has not left. In all that misery, all you want is to stop walking and find a good warm place to land your feet. You no longer care about your All you care about is inexpensive food to fill your stomach.
And my legs led me to this place- Casse Crepe Breton.
I sat at the bar counter because the place was pretty full. This place sells crepes and sandwiches. I ordered a crepe with whatever ingredients they had on the list. So this was a crepe with mushrooms and ham. A 2 ingredient crepe was 5.50 CAD, much cheaper than any other crepe you will find along St Jean. Considering that St Jean is a "happening" area, the food prices along the street can be pretty steep.
Plus to fulfill your vegetable requirement, they have cucumbers and carrots as well. And every crepe is done before your eyes. While it may take quite some time for your crepe to be done, at least you can be assured that the food is fresh! The only thing I didn't really like about this place was that you have to pay money to get pure maple syrup. What a pity.
I walked away this place feeling warm, despite the rainy weather outside. Inexpensive crepe with fresh ingredients- dispels the cold!

Cassa Crepe Breton 1136 St-Jean StreetQuebec QC G1R 2L3