A Photo A Day In My June Garden - THE END

My photo a day in my June garden is now finished.  I'm proud to say I didn't miss a day!  For the final three days I featured my three favorite things. Here they are and why they are favorites.

My third favorite is the pond I built.  I found the water pump in a junk pile behind a flea market many years ago.  I had never built a pond before, so the experience was all new, all hit and miss.  The pump was in bad shape, rusty and falling apart.  I had to remove most of the original mechanisms for the pump and then work the rubber tubing up through it. It has since been sponge painted with outdoor paints.  I laid down a platform of 12x12 patio bricks, then stacked the regular size bricks for the pump to sit on. Then it was just a question of running the electrical cord and setting up the pump and barrels.  The wooden barrels are getting pretty beat up after all these years, so this pond may get replaced next year.  My "junk" pump will stay though!
 My second favorite thing in my garden is this farm fairy, bought at a gift/garden shop.  I bought it the same weekend I found the pump.   The gift shop owner told me she buys these from a farmer wife in Kentucky who makes these.  I just love her! To me she reflects exactly how I feel when winter is finally over and my spring garden is starting to bloom. That's when my Kentucky fairy comes out to play!

My #l favorite in my garden is this stepping stone.   The stone was created and given to me by one of my favorite people, my niece, the oldest of my many nieces and nephews.  She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know and she is raising four wonderful children.  But you see only three handprints, right? Her youngest daughter had not yet been born (and not even expected) when this stone was created.  That daughter is now 15 years old, so I can easily remember how long this sweet gift has been in my garden.  Yes, indeed - all love is sweet!

Thanks for following along with my project! 

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